Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions of trade will be used for every transaction made between Munkebjerg Hotel and the guest. Any deviation of these terms and conditions must be made in writing between the two parties 


1. Reservation and Confirmation

Once Munkebjerg Hotel has received the reservation, Munkebjerg Hotel will send a confirmation as soon as possible to the given email address, with information regarding order number, name and address and a general overview of the reservation including the reservation number.

Once this confirmation mail has been received, we consider the agreement valid. The content of the reservation alone is that which is binding for Munkebjerg Hotel.

Every reservation made on our website will be considered as a request, and the confirmation of the reservation will therefore only be finalized once Munkebjerg Hotel has accepted the request.

Munkebjerg Hotel cannot be held responsible for errors in price, room vacancies or other tender material on the website.  

When making the online reservation, the guest will have to provide the necessary personal information required by public authorities, and required by Munkebjerg Hotel in order for them to register the people who will be staying at the hotel.

All guests must register their full name, address and telephone number. Upon arrival, guests must provide legitimate identification and a signature to confirm the given information.

Handling of all personal data is done in accordance with valid laws and regulations, and in accordance with item No. 8.


2. Prices

All prices on our website include VAT and are in Danish Kroner, unless otherwise stated.

The total price on the confirmation and which is stated on the website before the reservation is made includes VAT, extra charges and any other possible charges. 


3. Conditions of Payment  

Payment for the reservation will take place upon arrival at Munkebjerg Hotel. Unless the reservation is marked “non-refundable” or “Best price” the payment will be made with credit card provided.

We accept the following credit cards: Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, JCB and American Express.

Commercial cards issued within or outside of EU/EØS and private cards issued outside EU/EØS will be charged a fee which you can see on your receipt. The fee rate varies depending on the type of card and the country of origin. All transactions on American Express cards are surcharged.


4. Arrival and Departure

Unless otherwise arranged, the rooms are available from 02:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, and checkout must be made before 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure. If you have not checked out by 10:30, Munkebjerg Hotel has the right to charge for an extra room night.

Use of the room outside the stated times of check-in and checkout can be arranged directly with the hotel at an extra charge.


5. Rights for Withdrawal

It is made very clear that there are no specific laws regarding rights for withdrawal for the reservation of hotel rooms or other such amenities. Reservations can therefore not be cancelled, unless in agreement with the cancellation policies stated below.


6. Cancellation and No Show

For reservation of room only or bed and breakfast written cancellation of the reservation can be made up until 02:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. Should the cancellation be made on time before the cut-off point, then the reservation will be cancelled.Cancellations made after 02:00 p.m. on the day of arrival will be charged the full amount of the confirmed reservation incl. VAT.

For reservation of room including dinner in one of our restaurants written cancellation of the reservation can be made up until 02:00 p.m. the day before arrival. Should the cancellation be made on time before the cut-off point, then the reservation will be cancelled. Cancellations made after 02:00 p.m. the day before arrival will be charged the full amount of the confirmed reservation incl. VAT.

Should the guest not arrive at the hotel and not have a valid cancellation, the full amount of the confirmed rate incl. VAT will then be charged.

For stays marked ”non-refundable” there is no possibility of cancellation.


7. Modifications of Reservations

Should you require the possibility of changing the reservation, you can contact Munkebjerg Hotel directly on +45 76 42 85 00 or via mail on info@munkebjerg.dk to make the request for the modification.

The reservation cannot be moved to a different hotel working in collaboration with Munkebjerg Hotel. Should you move the reservation to a different hotel, it will be considered as a cancellation and new reservation. 


8. Private Policy

When using our website, guests will be entering personal information into the system. Guests are therefore able to contact Munkebjerg Hotel should they require/wish us to delete the information, or to inform them about the exact details of the information kept in the system.   


This information is collected for marketing purposes only, e.g. newsletters. This will only take place if the guest has given his/her consent. A guest can always have his/her information deleted, should they no longer wish to receive information and offers.

Alongside this, information regarding the guest, name, address email etc., will be used to complete the order, and to inform the guest should any problems arise about his/her reservation. Under no circumstances will Munkebjerg Hotel give this personal information on to any third party, unless the guest has given his/her consent for us to do so.

Information regarding the guests order and other possible purchase-related information is retained in accordance with applicable law. It is necessary to retain information for many reasons, amongst others should there arise any complaints from the guest.

Guests have the right to be informed as to what information Munkebjerg Hotel is retaining in their system, and they are permitted to object to being registered.

Should the guest no longer wish to be registered in the system, or have his/her personal information altered in the system, the guest is welcome to contact Munkebjerg Hotel via email on info@munkebjerg.dk. This is also the case should the guest no longer wish to receive emails or other information from Munkebjerg Hotel.


9. Exemption of Liability (Force Majeure)

Munkebjerg Hotel is not responsible for non-fulfilment, unless it is proven that the non-fulfilment is due to war, riots, civil disturbances, government intervention, blockade, local authority measure, impoundment, fire, natural disaster, strike, lockout, export or import ban, breaking off ordinary communication, or for that matter causes which are not under the control of Munkebjerg Hotel.

If Munkebjerg Hotel agrees that a valid performance impediment similar to the above mentioned has been provided, both the guest and Munkebjerg hotel are entitled to cancel arranged non-fulfilled agreements immediately or at a later date, without this being considered a non-fulfilment on behalf of any of the parties. 


10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Any dispute between Munkebjerg Hotel and the guest will be settled according to Danish Law at Munkebjerg Hotel’s local court of law, if it is not in dispute with mandatory legislation.

Should a court of law decide that one or more of the provisions in these terms and conditions are invalid, this will not have any effect on the remaining terms and conditions.


11. Extra Terms and Conditions

Should it not be possible to solve a dispute between Munkebjerg Hotel and the guest, the consumer does have the possibility to put his/her case to The Board of Appeal for Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism, Vodroffsvej 32, DK-1900 Frederiksberg C. For more information, you can see their webpage www.hrt-ankenaevn.dk.


The Board of Appeal deals with consumer complaints regarding service received within the hotel and tourist industry, if the case, which is being appealed, does not exceed an amount of DKK 150,000.

The Board of Appeal charge a fee of DKK 150, which will be reimbursed, if the consumer fully or partially wins his/her case, or if the case is not handled.


You can direct queries regarding the above to:


Munkebjerg Hotel

CVR-No. 18450372

Munkebjergvej 125

7100 Vejle

Phone: +45 76 42 85 00

E-mail: info@munkebjerg.dk